The rebuilding of our house.

We bought our house in September 1995. We knew then that we wanted to (start) with rebuilding our house within the next 10 years. In May 2000 we bought a big sledgehamer.

We started with the greenhouse, wich was very cold in winters and hotter then a sauna in the summer.
We made a temperary backdoor and started to breakdown the greenhouse. Within an afternoon we were "greenhouse-less".

Before we breakdown the scullery we place a wand between the old kitchen and the scullery (see pictures old kitchen). Then we tear down the scullery.

Digging out the construction well.

After digging out the construction well we can start to the foundation. We ourselves tried to bore the pilers, but after we had bored a meter in clay, we maar decided to hire a specialised compagny for this job... expensive joke as a matter of fact for something what you see never more..
"ultrasound arm" they call it.. well I can tell you.. that still drones considerable...

The formwork for the ring beam with in this the iron work.

The floor can be placed.

Finaly the profiles for the innerwalls are set. It's almost Christmas 2001.

There are heavy iron beams placed in the old outer and inner walls so they wont collaps.

The cubes work very fast, before we know it the second floor can be placed.

The bricks of the outer walls can be layed (we had to work hard to keep ahead of the bricklayers).

A view days before Christmas 2002, our new roof is being layed.

Now everything is water thight, we are going further inside. We start at the attic, and work our way down.

After that we do th bedrooms, this onde becomes 1 large bedroom.

The badroom is expended and almost all luxery is present.

Also the toilets are getting a transformation.

Finaly the breakthrough downstairs.

New windows.

2 New bedrooms. We will be living upstaris temperary in one of the bedrooms.

Meanwhile the livingroom and kitchen will be taken care off.

Plasterwork in the livingroom and kitchen.

Very wettish, after most of the water is gone we can finish the livingroom.

The scullery is made in order.

And here.. our new (second hand) kitchen!

Now we live downstairs one of the bedrooms can be changed into a hobby space.

The old kitchen is becoming hallway.