My Mini's

My Mini's

Clubman Estate 1100
Name: The C.E.
Construction year: 10-08-1978
Engne: 1100cc
Condition: very bad
Future plans: rebuild to original

Saloon 1000E
Name: Blue
Construction year: 02-12-1983
Engine: 1000cc
Condition: dismantled
Future plans: Change to 2.0 16V

Park Lane 1000E S6
Name: P.L.
Construction year: 11-03-1987
Engine: 1300cc
Condition: Restoring
Future plans: Original with chrome

Saloon 1000E
Name: Ugly
Construction year: 09-10-1986
Engine: 1000cc
Condition: Daily Budget Banger
Future plans: Keep it a Budget Banger

The first few years;

The transformation;

Odd jobs of Ugly;

1000 Pick Up
Name: Meis
Construction year: 30-06-1978 (Administratively determined). First admission the Netherlands: 02-06-1995
Engine: 1000cc
Condition: Average
Future plans: American look

Valuation report

Mini Pick-Up
Delivery date:
First admission:
30-06-1978 (Administratively determined)
Construction year:
Import from: The Mini isimported from United Kingdom in 1995

592 kilogrammes, according to registration papers. factory task 600 kilogrammes

L × W × H:
3300 × 1410 × 1380 mm
According Biht 14.336
untill 05-04-2006. The car is registered at NAP (National Car Register)
Mileage: 96188 miles. Given the state and the quality of the car and the well-known historie it is highly plausible that the read miles are correct.
Engine: Number 156521 type 99h9978, the original, in the front placed engine has 4 cylinders in line and have contents of 998cc. 29 pk at 4750 rpm are provided. The engine is in neat original state and functions properly. Oil and the coolant shows no sludgevorming. Oil smells sour and has been partly disintegrated which indicates on long inactivity.
Fuel: The Mini only consumes petrol
Traction: The wheels are operated by a four pace manual acceleration barge. This happens without disturbing sounds and goes smoothly.

The windscreen wipers are being replaced.
The manual windows function good.
The seats are ajustable.
Bonnet and back cover open smoothly.
All switches function as they should.
There are 3 keys required for the Mini.
The original Smiths insturments are functioning good.

Brakes: The Mini is equipped with good functioning drum brakes.
Documentation: The Mini is poor gedocumented. There are workshop manuals, maintenance manuals and handbooks present. There is also digital documentation present.
There is no audio-installation.
Optionally are the Compomotive wheels.
Testdrive: Concerning the restoration phase in which the car finds oneself, no test ride with the mini has been made.
Declaration on the use: The owner declares to use the Mini for recreationally use only and to positive conviction of the taxer.
Repairings and restorations: The mini finds oneself as said at restoration stage. Well visible is now that some coachwork activities have taken place and that the windshield has been replaced at some time. Maintenance has been carried out with original material.
Club membership: The owner is member of a relevant car club.

The car stands in a clean and dry garage, not accessible for third parties.

General observations: This mini with ordernr. 204-26 **** is communicated ready on 4-2-1978 by the factory and provided to Helston garages in Helston, Cornwall. The car has been provided to Bourne Gardening in Helston, Gardening Compagny on 15-3-1978. No transfers has been confessed.
The mini is a wanted classic, in all it's types. The Estate and pick-Up are extra wanted. Pick-Ups are, at consequence of a hard-working past, seldom in good quality. The question exceeds the offer therefore, the result is strong prices for the good copies. A good initiative of the current owner therefore to restore this car thoroughly. The owner has already a number of Mini's.
The mini finds oneself in condition 3 -.
There are a number of (car specific) components from appraisal report which is not mentioned on the Internet site.

1000 Van

Name: -
Construction year: 16-05-1978
Engine: 1000cc
Condition: dissambled
Future plans: Original in budget style

1000 Mayfair S6

Naam: Lucky Seven
Bouwjaar: 10-10-1986
Motor: 1000cc
Staat: Street legal
Toekomstplan: Origineel houden